Ulyssa Mello

Software Engineer living in the Bay Area


Hi, I'm Ulyssa! I like making and contributing to open source software. Most of what I make is in Rust, C, and JavaScript.

I previously worked at Joyent, working on features related to networking and databases within Triton, Manta, and SmartOS. See my resume for more.



github / crates.io / docs.rs

modalkit is a library that I wrote based on crossterm and tui-rs to help build modal editing TUI applications. Some of the things it supports are:

  • Modal editing using vim keybindings and modes, or your own custom mappings
  • Registers and marks
  • Digraphs
  • Window management with horizontal and vertical splits, and tabs


github / crates.io

iamb is a TUI Matrix client that uses Vim keybindings. It's still very much a work in progress.

I originally wrote it in node, with support for Mattermost, but later decided to rewrite it in Rust and only target Matrix for now.


github / crates.io

termsketch is a command-line image to text conversion tool that I wrote so that I could play around with using DSSIM to find visually similar characters, and to make better use of negative space in the output, to achieve a look closer to how hand-crafted ASCII art usually looks.


github / npm

This is a PEG-based parser for the markup language used by JIRA. It supports converting the parsed markup into HTML, and provides hooks to help customize the conversion. The Public Issues Index for Triton (see bugview for the source) uses it to help proxy issues labeled public, so that community users can see the tickets and comments left by its engineers.



This is a set of OpenLDAP user management Python scripts that emulate the behaviour and flags of the Debian user management tools (groupadd, useradd, chsh, etc.). I wrote them for an organization I used to do systems administration for when we migrated to using OpenLDAP. I haven't touched the project in a long time, but I still occasionally get e-mails from people who find them useful. Maybe you will too!